About Us

Robert Barnes has witnessed the degradation caused by society’s lack of awareness of meaningful social protection of our environment. The capitalistic consciousness of money over environment - from pumping our sewage waste into the gulf stream to discarding plastic bottles, wrappers and containers - is an ongoing state of denial by the entire global populations. Out of this concern, Robert founded Save Bait Life, LLC, along with Sushila Oliphant, to help bring awareness to our self centered lifestyles which harm Mother Earth and, eventually, all of us. That message is communicated through these powerful images created by Sushila with the purpose of bringing awareness to the pollution in our environment and its consequences, stirring up conversations and changing habits.

Robert Barnes is a lifelong resident of South Miami Dade County. He grew up on the edge of the Everglades. Growing up, Robert spent much of his time fishing in the local estuaries of the Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys. He attended and received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology as well as a Multi Disciplinary Certificate in Energy Studies at Georgia Tech. Robert focused his studies and research on self sufficiency and passive living. While receiving his Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Miami, Florida, Robert furthered his knowledge under the tutelage of Arthur Bowen, a world renowned passive cooling expert. Today, Robert designs environments using an ancient science where he mitigates electro-smog and ELF fields within homes and businesses. Robert Barnes and Associates.

Save Bait Life, LLC donates a percentage of proceeds from our product line to environmental groups working hard to save our planet.

Captain John D Barnes, Robert’s son, was born in 1982 in Homestead, Florida. He grew up fishing and hunting in South Florida. John has been a licensed US merchant marine boat captain since 2008. Captain Barnes has a very successful guide service in the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo where he takes groups fishing for sailfish, dolphin, tuna, wahoo and all sorts of ocean species, as well as through the Everglades back country. He has also seen the many changes of the growing pollution in the environment, especially fishing nets and plastic garbage bags harming sea turtles, bait life and all marine life. Captain Barnes is very active in spreading this awareness and is on our marketing team.

Sushila Oliphant is the product and web designer for Save Bait Life, LLC. and illustrates the visions of both Robert and John. Nature has always been the subject of her paintings, so this digital art project fit her vision of helping Mother Nature as well. Sushila has been designing various products, t-shirts and other types of clothing for over 20 years and is also a graphic designer as well as a fine artist. Sushila has won many awards for her work in various art shows in Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Florida and Merida, Mexico. More information about her on sushilaoliphant.com.

“Her paintings speak to the grandeur and splendor of Nature, calling us to bow with respect and in worship. Oliphant so perfectly captures that aspect of Nature that makes it bigger and greater than all of us, though we are all contained within it. She captures the spiritual aspect of Nature, that part that feeds our souls, that part that Thoreau honored in his writings about Nature, that part of which we can never have enough.”Christine Cote, Still Point Art Gallery

Sushila grew up in Hampden Highlands, Maine, just south of Bangor, and now resides and has her studio lakeside in "The Hammocks" in Miami, Florida.